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FAQs about Wells  & Water near Omemee, Peterborough & Kawarthas

We’ve been drilling wells in Omemee, Peterborough & Kawarthas for nearly 40 years. In that time, we’ve heard our fair share of questions. Here are some common ones and their answers.

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  • Q: How do you find the best spot for a well?
    A: The team at Herb Lang Well Drilling Ltd. thoroughly analyzes geological data before we start drilling for a well. We drill in fractured rock zones, where we know that groundwater accumulates in large quantities adequate to your needs.
  • Q: What sort of things do you consider before drilling for a well?
    A: Before choosing the site for your well, you should know how much water you expect to be produced from the well. What's more, you should ensure that the well is located far from potential sources of contamination, such as sewers, septic tanks, pastures, silos, sewage system absorption systems, etc. It's also vital that the well is drilled where groundwater is located deeper than 10 feet below the soil surface.
  • Q: What is hard water?
    A: Hard water is water that contains dissolved minerals. It is to blame for spotty dishes, dull hair, and the soap scum in your bathtub.
  • Q: How can I make hard water soft?
    A: Water can be made soft by adding softener to it. The softener replaces the calcium and magnesium ions with sodium ones.

What Do Customers Say About Us?

Our customer reviews include the following:

Dear Mr. Lang,
Many, many thanks for the great fellows you sent to drill our well. They were helpful and knowledgeable, explaining the drilling process as they went.

We very much appreciated the fact your drillers were there when they said they would be there.

We will recommend Herb Lang Well Drilling wherever we can.

Pete and Michelle L.

Pump up the Water

We install the Franklin Electric pump your system needs.

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