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Water Witching in the Omemee, Peterborough & Kawarthas Areas

If you’re looking for water on your property in the Omemee, Peterborough & Kawarthas areas, call the dowsing professionals at Herb Lang Well Drilling Ltd., where we’ve been using the age-old technique of water witching to help locate suitable well locations since 1985.

Man holding dowsing rod outside
Man dowsing with dividing rod to locate ground water_edited.jpg

Ex Terra Aqua

That is not a magic formula. It’s Latin for “From the earth comes water,” and it’s why we use water witching.


Water witching, also known as dowsing or divining, is not witchery or magic, nor is it an official science, but it is a water-finding method that works for us. If you’re interested in learning more about water witching and seeing it in action, call us. We’ll be happy to explain how and why it works for us.

Get Water from the Earth

Our team has used water witching successfully for decades.

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