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Well & Water Types Around Omemee, Peterborough & Kawarthas

If you need a well for your home, farm, or business in the Omemee, Peterborough, or Kawarthas areas, contact Herb Lang Well Drilling Ltd. We’ve been drilling wells and accessing groundwater in the area for nearly 40 years.

Drilled Wells

There are three main types of wells: driven, dug, and drilled. Drilled wells are the most common type of well in Canada, and they are the type of well we create. Our drilled wells:

  • are constructed by either a cable tool (percussion) or rotary-drilling machines

  • can be drilled more than 1,000 feet deep

  • include casing and screening to prevent the inflow of sediment and well collapse

  • are sealed with grouting material of either neat cement or bentonite clay around the casing to prevent contamination from surface water

Water well drill

Choosing a Well Drilling Contractor

For the greatest well drilling success, choose a water well contractor who:

is licensed and insured

meets all provincial regulations for drilling companies

has a good reputation – ask for references and check whether previous clients are happy with their wells

knows the local geology

uses a written contract or agreement

offers competitive prices – compare cost estimates carefully

has drilled in the area before

provides a guarantee on workmanship and materials

will be responsible for the sizing and placement of the pump

is approachable and comfortable talking about local geology, their proposed well design and construction, the pumping equipment they recommend, and the regulations that govern water well drilling in Ontario

water well drilling truck

We believe that Herb Lang Well Drilling Ltd. meets all those requirements. See for yourself. Contact us to discuss your well drilling needs.

Get a Drilled Well

We’ve provided safe and effective residential, farm, and commercial wells since 1985.

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